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Originally posted by [ profile] almond_cakes at The Plexiglas Pontiac- Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco, 1940

Photo taken June 11, 1940 at the General Motors exhibit at Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco. Transparent Car with Pontiac Chassis and Body by Fisher. It's also known as the "Pontiac Ghost Car".

This was the first full-sized transparent car ever made in America. General Motors along with Rohm & Haas, the chemical company that had recently developed Plexiglas, built a special body using the chassis of a 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six. Rohm & Haas, using drawings for the Pontiac four-door Touring Sedan, constructed an exact replica body using Plexiglas in place of the outer sheet-metal. All the hardware, including the dashboard, was chrome plated. The structural metal underneath was copper washed. The rubber moldings were made in white, as were the car's U.S. Royal all-white tires. The result of the work was an exterior that allowed onlookers to view the cars innards. It reportedly cost $25,000 to build.

Below are a few more vintage photos of this car, along with some more recent photos:

Another photo from the Golden Gate International Exhibition:

Afterwards, it went on a dealership tour:

Here are a few views of the inside- the dash and door:

Such an amazing car!

Under indoor lighting:


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